Thursday, 21 March 2013

Documentary Short: Take My Picture

This documentary on street fashion and fashion blogging was all kinds of interesting. I highly recommend it. I would love it if they made a full-length documentary on the topic.

I can definitely sympathise with the premise of the short. When I was studying for my Masters, my campus was right next to Somerset House on the Strand. Getting to lectures during fashion week became the ultimate test of agility and endurance as one was forced to battle through a mob of stony-faced fashionistas. 

Watching this, I couldn’t help but be reminded of this article by the Hollywood Reporter describing how actresses who haven’t made films in years (let alone good films) are paid large sums of money to attend events wearing fantastic outfits. It appears that the internet and the proliferation of fashion blogs has facilitated the development of a new type of advertising. The fashion blog celebrities and actresses such as Jessica Alba and Kate Bosworth are like live-action magazine ads being played out on the streets. Fashion is no longer being promoted solely by faceless models from the cold, distant pages of a magazine but by recognisable faces mingling with real people.

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