Saturday, 19 October 2013

Bits and Bobs

The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder and the heating in my flat is refusing to cooperate. Ho hum, Autumn is undeniably here. At least there's lots of interesting reading to enjoy while huddled under a fluffy blanket...

- The Rolling Stones looks at various schools in receipt of state funding in the US that are discriminating against gay students despite the supposed separation between church and state.

- Disney claims that women are too hard to animate. Damn those females and their abundance of emotions!

- You had me at 'cyborg cockroaches'

- Here's a fascinating article written by a journalist who went undercover at a sweatshop in Bangladesh. A couple of days later I came across this article in The Guardian which similarly discusses whether cheap goods are worth the price we pay in terms of human costs. The Guardian article takes a broader look - not just discussing sweatshops but also human trafficking, low wages and the cuts to funding for services that look after the elderly.

- Tree houses for grown-ups?! Yes please!

- According to a recent study, just looking at food can help satiate hunger. This makes a lot of sense to me! Several months ago I had to fast before a medical procedure and I spent the entire day watching The Food Network and looking at pictures of food on pinterest. I thought I was being a masochist but clearly I was just trying to satiate my (considerable) hunger.

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