Saturday, 16 November 2013

Bits and Bobs

Hello interweb! Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Here are some interesting things I've read in the last week - enjoy!

- The increased emphasis on organised clubs, the lack of appropriate outdoor spaces in our cities and the fear of predators means that children now spend less and less time just playing. Here's an interesting link at why a more structured life is not necessarily better for children.

- An awesome graffiti-covered building is about to be demolished to make space for a soulless apartment block in New York. Sad times! Check out the amazing photos here!

- Musician James Murphy wants to make the turnstiles on the New York subway play music. Sounds awesome to me but then I don't have to work in the stations and listen to the cacophony of rush hour.

- Photos of a beautiful abandoned Art Nouveau casino.

- This journalist manages to discuss both the McDonald's Chicken McNugget and the work of Holbein in one article - genius!

- Check out how to make the perfect buttercream icing here.

- I recently wrote about how women in politics are unfairly judged on their sartorial choices. This article on Janet Yellen's wardrobe seems to validate everything I said.

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