Saturday, 23 November 2013

Bits and Bobs

I've spent most of my Saturday napping. Hopefully you've been far more productive! Here's some interesting and have a wonderful week.

- The controversial Heidelberg Project turns a decaying community in Detroit into a colourful, surrealist, work of art.

- Anders Ramsell painted nearly 13,000 watercolours to make this 34-minute paraphrased version of Blade Runner. It's amazing and beautiful.

- The Beckham recently donated some designer apparel to a charity shop to raise money for the victims of the recent Philippines typhoon. Here's a list of the best charity shops to frequent when looking for designer gear.

- The Atlantic has a really interesting article about massive data mining and how it's changing employment. There's a section about names and CV bias that reminds me of a chapter from Freakonomics. I don't know if I find this sort of large-scale data analysis interesting or scary.

- While we're on the theme of large-scale data analysis - here's an interesting article looking at how anthropologists use twitter to study movement patterns.

- Do you want to read about the kinky sex lives of spies? Of course you do!

- Film special effects these days are pretty spectacular but here are some things that still don't look right. For me, I always think that flying looks odd in a film - no matter how great the other special effects are.

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