Monday, 2 December 2013

Bits and Bobs

This Bits and Bobs post is a little late thanks to a pretty hectic weekend. My American flatmate has brought Thanksgiving into my life and we spent all Saturday preparing for an epic feast (then Sunday sleeping it off). The turkey was perhaps the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Succulent, butter-roasted poultry aside, here are some interesting things I've read this week:

- A little confused about the recent negotiations with Iran? This article provides a nice summary.

- The Atlantic has a really interesting article discussing how our environment can make us more prosocial, compassionate individuals.

- When watching Mad Men I can't help but be distracted by just how much everyone's smoking. Want to see the cigarettes in Mad Men replaced with party blowers? Of course you do!

- Are you excited for the new Hunger Games film? Here's an article looking at whether the economy of Panem is feasible in real life. And if that's not enough to satisfy your Hunger Games cravings, here's a really great interview with the costume designer for Catching Fire.

- An opera was staged inside an LA train station - the pictures look epic.

- I love Doctor Who with a fiery passion. In honour of the recent 50th anniversary, here's a great article looking at the top 25 Doctor Who moments from the last 50 years

- Mental health and artistic genius seem to come hand in hand. But what about physical health? This fascinating article looks at how lead poisoning affected the great art legends.

- Now that it's December, you may be planning on escaping the chill with a Christmas holiday. If you are, take a look at these pictures of the scariest airport in the world and be thankful that Heathrow, while crowded and grim, is not perched precariously on a mountain.

- Remember when Rush Limbaugh thought that Batman: The Dark Knight Rises was an anti-capitalist, liberal conspiracy? Well that was clearly madness. Didn't he realise that the hero of that film is an entrepreneurial millionaire whereas the ones fighting the banks are the villains? How is that undermining capitalism? Anyway, I was reminded of Limbaugh when I read this article discussing Superheroes and why they are fascists

And here's the most beautiful turkey I have ever encountered to explain why I was too busy this weekend (first too busy eating and then too busy in a food coma)...

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