Monday, 17 June 2013

Bits and Bobs

I'm sorry this 'Bits and Bobs' post is a few days late but I only just got back to London after a long weekend in Vienna with assorted family. Epic Vienna posts will be forthcoming...

- Ever wondered what it's like to be in a gang?

- It is commonly assumed that good street lighting lowers crime rates in urban areas. Curious about this assumption, psychologists designed several experiments to study whether darkness really does affect our behaviour.

- A good explanation of why the NSA surveillance scandal matters.

- Check out this article from the BBC looking at the gay community inadvertently created by Mussolini.

- Why are so many wedding dresses strapless when they flatter virtually no one?

- This isn't an interesting article I've read this week; this is one of my favourite blogs. Illustrator James Gulliver Hancock is attempting to draw every building in New York - go check it out!

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