Sunday, 9 June 2013

A Sunny Day in London Town

I'm very close with my sister and I'm very grateful for everything she does for me (I'm the youngest of three and therefore have always been spoilt by my older siblings). This sunny Saturday we spent the whole day wandering around London and generally having a lovely time.

It wasn't until after I took this photo that I realised the sun lines up perfectly with the top of the Shard. I love the contrast between the different types of architecture which so typifies the streets of London.

Charlotte and I got frozen yogurt at Gelateria 3Bis in Borough Market. The frozen yogurt is amazing and pretty reasonably priced compared with Pinkberry or Snog. The ice cream also looked incredible so we'll have to go back and try them some time.

 Cheese and wild herbs for sale in the market. Then chutneys and balsamic vinegar in the background. 

 Giant mountain of meringues!

Charlotte and I then walked to the Shortwave Cinema in Bermondsey to see Populaire (the picture above was taken in their lovely bar). I thought Populaire was very charming! It would have been very easy for the relationship between the two main characters to appear sleazy and exploitative (which it sometimes does) so it's a real testament to the ability of the actors that the relationship comes off as sweet and genuine as it does.

The one thing that really bothered me about the film was that it's never explained why the main male lead is so obsessed with training Rose (the female lead) to win the World Speed-Typing Championship. There's some vague reference to his past as an athlete and the fact that despite having a lot of natural sporting talent, he never really achieved anything. So perhaps he is pushing her to win so he can live vicariously through her and become a champion. But that is only ever vaguely implied and his obsession with Rose becoming champion is never really explained.

Still, it was a funny and charismatic film. The late '50s costumes were also fantastic. Makes me want to watch the first few seasons of Mad Men again!

Charlotte and I then walked along the South Bank to have dinner at a lovely Mediterranean Mezze place behind London Country Hall. I absolutely love South Bank - there's always so much going on. Saturday evening there were numerous pop-up food stands, a community garden project, an artificial beach and, of course, countless street performers. 

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