Saturday, 8 June 2013

Bits and Bobs

Here are some interesting things I've been reading this week...

- Bloomberg Businessweek have an interesting article about companies selling cheap solar panels in Africa to provide people with affordable electricity.

- I love books. Look at this stunningly beautiful bookshop in a former theatre in Buenos Aires. And then check out this list of the 25 most beautiful public libraries in the world. And then check out this list of the 25 most beautiful university libraries in the world. And then, perhaps, visit an actual library - the British Library sells amazing cupcakes...

- Here are some amazing photos of waves by photographer, Pierre Carreau. The stillness of the photos is eerily beautiful; they look like they've been sculpted from glass!

- As has been made abundantly clear on this blog before, I love maps. Check out these maps showing the massive variations in pronunciation and dialect across the US. I'd love to see something similar done for the UK which, despite being significantly smaller, probably has an equally diverse range of dialects. 

- This is an interesting article looking at the relationship between black women and their natural hair. It reminds me of Zadie Smith's wonderful book, White Teeth, which I devoured from cover-to-cover as a teenager. My favourite parts of White Teeth were always the ones about Irie, the daughter of an inter-racial marriage struggling with her identity while growing up in London. It's interesting to think about how much our physical appearance affects our identity and internal vision of ourselves

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