Saturday, 18 May 2013

Bits and Bobs

It's Saturday which means it's time again to share some of the interesting things I've come across this week...

- Chris Hadfield, astronaut extraordinaire, has just returned from the International Space Station. Here's an interesting article in which he discusses the future of NASA and the need for patience when it comes to space exploration.

- The Washington Post has a great article looking at how studying Russian literature can have a profound effect on young offenders.

- I am a big fan of coloured trousers. Read here to find out how coloured trousers will change your life.

- Apparently men with larger biceps are less likely to support wealth distribution than men with smaller biceps. This study from the journal, Psychological Science, looks at the correlation between upper-body strength and ideology.

- This week The Guardian has had two articles discussing what has been termed the 'crisis of masculinity'. This first one looks at male criminality while this second one is a bit more generalised. While the articles are interesting (particularly the one looking at male crime rates), they reminded me of this absolutely fantastic article written after the Newtown shooting.

- Check out Google's Earth Engine - interactive satellite imagery spanning two decades. Warning: this is the kind of website where you can lose yourself for hours.

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