Monday, 6 May 2013

May Day

It's May Day Bank Holiday weekend and I've been having a pretty marvellous time eating, shopping and generally making merry...

The statue above the door to Selfridges, designed by British sculptor Gilbert Bayes.

Wonderful mango and kiwi cheesecake at Allans Patisserie off Duke Street.

Great Gatsby themed birthday party. Some of the outfits were amazing! I felt suitably humbled ('20s fashion is not my friend).

At first I felt a bit embarrassed stopping in busy streets to take pictures of London landmarks. But actually it was nice to be a tourist in my home city - there are so many beautiful places and buildings in London that I don't really notice any more because I see them all the time. Sometimes it's good to stop and take a good look at what's around you.

The recipe for the blondies came from the Gu Chocolate Cookbook, a birthday present from a wonderful friend. I'm not going to lie; they tasted amazing.

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